Greetings TNAA Delegates, Members and Friends of Tuskegee University

Our theme, “Tuskegee Alumni: Imparting Knowledge; Demonstrating Leadership; and Providing Service” gives TNAA members a focus to rally around over the next two years. First, let’s impart knowledge by communicating, passing on, or conveying reliable information about Tuskegee University. Second, let’s engage in effective leadership by being focused, seeking clarity, embracing creativity, and demonstrating compassion. And third, let’s provide the best service to TNAA and Mother Tuskegee. Booker T Washington’s quote “excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”, encourages me and hopefully each of you to do our best and to seek higher levels of achievement in supporting the University.

Over the three day biennial, you will be engaged in activities and sessions designed to provide information to equip you to make our theme meaningful in extending our path of excellence and increasing our commitment to a strong University. Seek to gain knowledge and information to help you excel at the local, regional and national levels of TNAA. Develop ideas that strongly support Mother Tuskegee. Identify ways to fortify your fundraising, your giving, and your student recruitment activities. Engage in those things that continue the legacy of Tuskegee University.
It’s my hope that you will enjoy this 18th Biennial Convention and it’s my desire that you will be inspired and incentivized to a higher level of commitment and support of our University.

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John Stanford, Jr.
John Stanford, Jr., Ph.D., 1st Vice President TNAA
TNAA Program and Planning Committee Chair

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