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Tuskegee University needs your vote for the  “RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM”. #Tuskegee_RYS16

Vote for Tuskegee University in the Home Depot “RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM”. Home Depot will award one major grant of $50,000.00, a campus wide grant of $30,000.00 and one minor VOTE-RETOOL-TU$20,000.00 grant to winning HBCU’S with a student population between 1,201 and 3,999. Tuskegee University has won $40,000.00 competing in this contest since 2010. With your help this year Tuskegee University will win the $50,000.00 major grant!!

Tuskegee University proposed projects are the following:

The $50,000.00 grant will update the landscaping, irrigation system and replace the walkways around the Kresge Center.
The $30,000.00 grant will completely renovate the campus tennis facility.
The $20,000.00 grant will renovate the restrooms in the Basil O’Connor teaching facility

We can do it! Use the hashtag #Tuskegee_RYS16

Let’s contact our fellow Alums, Students, relatives, church members, co-workers, etc.,

You can help Tuskegee win!

Everyone can vote EVERY DAY! You can use many devices (Home, office, laptop, tablets, smart phones) and multiple browsers (internet explorer, safari, etc.). Tuskegee needs multiple votes per day from everyone. You can use the Tuskegee hash tag:


Vote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. numerous times everyday.

VOTING WILL END ON APRIL 26, 2016. Click here to get started.


Support the cause, share this site.

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