Young Alumni Member News

Shaelan Perry Williams


Shaelan is a 2014 Sales and Marketing graduate of Tuskegee University that is reaching for the stars of success in Corporate America. She currently serves as a Corporate Replenishment Manager at the headquarters of one of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart, Inc.  She is the founder of the Tuskegee University Peer’s Closet, where TU students in financial need are welcomed to obtain free, interview appropriate clothing. When asked how attending Tuskegee University prepared her for her current role in Corporate America.

“Tuskegee University provided me an environment where I could really embrace my culture as an African American woman. I understand how much of an impact I can make with a well- rounded spirit and educated mind. I earned a thick skin while at Tuskegee and having a thick skin has prepared me to face any challenge with wisdom, boldness and grace.”- Shaelan Perry Williams

I appreciate now more than ever the pressure and high expectations my professors placed upon me. I would say to students to make it your duty to always carry a spirit of excellence about yourself and embrace the tough love of your professors.  Trust they know what they’re doing and never hesitate to show your appreciation for their work.”

Shaelan on giving back: Young alumni giving back to one’s alma mater. She stated, “I recognize that starting off fresh out of college might be financially challenging for a lot of young professionals to immediately give financial contributions back to his or her alma mater. Keep in mind every person has a talent they can contribute to give back in some way. Whether it’s joining a local college chapter to stay connected with the university, volunteering at recruiting events, or coming back to encourage the young minds after us, there is always a way we can contribute and give back. Working collectively in the spirit of service, we make the experiences for future students great and help open doors for others like they were opened for us. Let it be a gift that keeps on giving.”

Marc McMillan


Marc McMillan as a young alum of Tuskegee University is making major strides in the world of education and in the lives of students he inspires. Marc is a member of the graduating class of 2012 having earned his degree in Educational Administration. While attending Tuskegee University, Marc was an active leader within the student body. He served on the highest court as the 2011-2012 Mr. Tuskegee University, member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Gamma Phi Chapter, the Tuskegee University Golden Voices Concert Choir, and the NAACP to name a few.

“In the field of education, I have direct contact with impressionable young minds. I have to influence to help shape the future of today’s youth. I have mentored, coached, and inspired many young students”, says Marc.  He explains the impact of Tuskegee had on him, “I received my foundation at Tuskegee University. I have been influenced by several professors to be the man and educator I am today. Tuskegee gave me knowledge, leadership and service.” Marc continues,

“I learned so much while at Tuskegee. Tuskegee put me in a position of leadership I must possess in my current career as an educational administrator. In order to be found worthy of leadership, one must possess the ethical and moral judgments to do the right thing on behalf of other people. – Marc McMillian

Maya Angelou once said, ‘People will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.’ People with this attitude win every time.” Marc was asked what advice he would give to current students, he shared, “Use this time to think heavily about your future. Although college is meant to prepare you for your future, many students spend time thinking about the moment. I encourage all students to think about their purpose and how they will fulfill it.” Marc is currently continuing his education at Howard University where he will complete his PhD in Philosophy.

Antonio Minifield

Antonio-MinifiedAntonio Minifield is a recent graduate of Tuskegee University that is paving the way for young entrepreneurs throughout the nation. He currently serves as an architect at Ward Scott Architecture in Tuscaloosa, Alabama while managing his own business, YNOT iMages LLC., a photography enterprise.  Antonio, “Tony”, graduated in 2014 with his degree in Architecture. While a student, he served as the 2012-2013 SGA President, a member of the Alphi Phi Alpha Fraternity, INC., Gamma Phi Chapter, Rave Revue Modeling Troupe and member of the Tuskegee University Golden Voices Concert Choir. When asked how he has positively impacted the lives of others in his current role, he shared, “At our firm, we do various educational and health care projects. We are strong advocates of education, and I have had the opportunity to mentor many University of Tuscaloosa students who are in the Architectural Engineering program. My photography business provides an annual scholarship to deserving high school students. In recent news, there has been great discussion concerning the growing need of HBCU alumni support and contributions.” Tony thinks it is very important to give back, because if it wasn’t for the legacy our ancestors paved before us, there would be no Tuskegee.

We need to understand the Tuskegee tradition, the Tuskegee experience, the Tuskegee legacy is an ongoing movement that we cannot afford to not support. Tony closes his comments with an uplifting message to current students, “Congratulations to the upcoming graduates and many blessings to the current students of Tuskegee as they continue to uphold the legacy of Tuskegee University!” –Antonio Minifield