Your 2018 Election Results

We are very pleased to announce the results of elections that were presented at that recent convention in Cincinnati. Moving forward your newly elected officers will work to ensure that there is clarity in the definition of majority for future elections. Also there were many lessons learned about the new process, your comments and suggestions have been heard and the election committee will be actively working to improve the process.

Visit the newly elected Alumni Executive Board here


This was the first time we have conducted an electronic voting process and it was successful based on the fact that we more than doubled the number of voting participants (over 300 additional people voted). Over 96% of the voting population indicated that they were comfortable with the electronic voting process.

Thanks so much to TNAA membership in participating in the voting process. The new administration looks forward to working together to bring even greater achievements over the next 2 years.
TNAA Elections Committee:

  • Kimberly Woodard, Chair
  • Samuel L. Bryant
  • Alton Stephens
  • Grady Broadnax
  • Gregory Dash

2018 Election Results